Terms and conditions


The hourly rate for research and report writing is £25 and the minimum amount of research is two hours.  Copies of documents are charged at cost and travel is charged at 20p per mile.  A budget or a set number of hours will be agreed in advance of the research starting.

For research under £75 payment must be made in advance; over £75, half the amount is paid in advance and the other half before the final report is sent out. Payment can be made through PayPal or by cheque.

Reports are normally sent out by email but can be sent out by post for an additional £10. There is an additional cost of £20 if a GEDCOM file is required (an electronic file for use in family tree programs).


All work is carried out confidentially and I will not disclose any details of the work I am doing for you or pass your details on to anyone else without your agreement.  I agree to abide by AGRA’s (Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) code of practice.


In carrying out research there is no guarantee that the research will be successful and this can be for a number of reasons: records may have been lost or an ancestor may have deliberately tried to conceal their identity.  If, after starting a family tree package, it becomes clear that records cannot be found, I will discuss with you other options for research or refund the amount less the research already carried out.

With research in archives, sometimes the outcome is that no matching records can be found and while this is disappointing it can also be useful in eliminating a particular line of enquiry.  However, even if the research yields no results, the time taken to carry out the research must be paid for.  I need to be aware of any research already carried out, otherwise research may be duplicated.

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